Be Humble (And Pay Cash)

John Del Vecchio The best advice I ever got about money came from my dad. These are principles I’ve used whether I was washing dishes in a restaurant or running a multi-million-dollar business. As a result, I’ve always been in good shape financially. The first piece of advice he gave me was to “stick to… Read more »

Kill Your Television

John Del Vecchio Here’s a trivia question for you. What did the stock market do on August 4, 1994? Don’t know? Me either. Over time, what happened to stocks on a given day is meaningless. Yet financial news is reported every day as if it’s a life-or-death situation. Here’s a simple tip to vastly increase… Read more »

George Costanza: Wall Street Savant

John Del Vecchio My life philosophy is “Unbounded Wealth.” It’s all about living life on your own terms… even when amid a polar vortex. The key is “your own terms” … you have to separate yourself from the pack. Over nearly a quarter of a century of working in financial markets, I’ve developed what I… Read more »