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About John Del Vecchio

John Del Vecchio grew up in not so sunny Syracuse, NY. The cloudy weather would provide a basis for his career as a short seller, betting against stocks. Later, he would turn his path from the dark side to benefit average investors with analysis to buy stocks in companies that pay them first.

John’s father was an attorney and his mom worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceuticals. After high school, John went to Rhode Island to attend Bryant College, a specialized business school.

John saw business as an all-encompassing profession, providing multiple career opportunities. John had a strong interest in numbers and making bets with great rewards. Most importantly, John wanted to pursue a future that did not require him to work a 9 to 5 job and instead gave him more independence.

One of his most important experiences was working as a dishwasher alongside a fella that was the age John is today. He realized right away that he wanted to be his own boss, work on his own terms, while also being financially successful.

Afternoons spent at the local racetrack after class provided the earnings to bankroll into stock market investing.

Being very driven and focused, John graduated in three and a half years. He also graduated with a perfect GPA, which he attributes to attending every class more than reading every book.

After John completed his internship for James O’Shaughnessy, author of, What Works on Wall Street, and graduated, he accepted a position at Federated Investors in New York. He was a quantitative analyst working on emerging markets and other developed markets with global investing.

Sensing the Internet Bubble would collapse and not wanting to spend a career strictly creating computer models, he accepted a job at The Motley Fool. This experience helped John improve his writing skills. Furthermore, he was able to clearly see that his prediction of a coming Internet collapse was near.

In 2001, he started working for CFRA (Center for Financial Research and Analysis), one of the most successful independent research firms in the history of Wall Street. At CFRA John honed a skill for reading balance sheets and financial statements and detecting management teams with their hands in the cookie jar.

This led to John’s first stint in money management. After just a few months, he was promoted to portfolio manager. Working for a family that sold their company to American Express, John heavily bet against technology companies as their stock prices collapsed.

Next, John went to work for legendary short seller David Tice for several years. There, he prospered as an analyst focusing on technology companies with aggressive accounting and writing research for clients managing over $2 trillion.

After nearly five years, John saw the next collapse in the market coming. This time the Housing Bubble. John managed a hedge fund for Ranger Capital Group in Dallas, TX.

Later, that fund’s strategy morphed into one of the original actively managed exchange traded funds on the New York Stock Exchange. This helped make John a pioneer in the ETF industry.

John did not abandon his interest in computer models. Today about $600 million is managed using formulas he created.

Appearances on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and profiles in Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s raised John’s profile.

As a result, publishers came calling and John wrote a book with Tom Jacobs, a colleague in the industry, called What’s Behind the Numbers?. The book won the Stock Trader’s Almanac Book of the year for 2013. In addition, it won praise from legendary CFO’s as well as those that had committed fraud.

John and Tom teamed up again to also write their second book, Ruleof72, and John started his service, Hidden Fortunes.

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